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Automated robotics for a wide range of applications


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Established in 2005, Core Robotics design and manufacture automated robotics for a wide range of applications, specialising in the design of Multi-Axis Milling and Machine Line Robotics.

A creative and dynamic company, our dedicated design team of mechanical engineers, product designers and software programmers focus on the challenges of designing reliable, cost effective and innovative robotics, and draw on their large collective experience designing robotic systems and product flow lines in automated factory environments (including mixed part configuration palletizing, conveyor lines and air suction grippers) as well as extensive experience designing multi-axis milling machines and other fields of design.

All aspects of research and development, product engineering, manufacturing and product service are managed from our Glasgow (United Kingdom) base, where our in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities mean we model, test and manufacture the designs we develop.

Our close links between design development and manufacture ensure a seamless link between development and assembly, and facilitate continuing product development.

We place a key emphasis on understanding and fulfilling a customer’s requirements whilst seeking to make use of the latest technological advances in materials and components.

Customer service, reliability and innovation are vital to our work. To ensure the customer has the right solution, we develop our own in-house software.

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